How To Add AutoResponder To HTML websites

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Set Up of ExpressResponse Autoresponder on HTML websites

If you have a standard HTML website and use an editor like Dreamweaver or like I do you just use Notepad, then inserting the ExpressResponse Autoresponder Plugin-Code is very simple. Once you decide which page you want to put the Opt-in form and where on the page, it is simply a case of opening the file and pasting in the plugin-code. Here is an example: The website is called GigExtender at and we decided to put an opt-in form on the front page. Here is a screen shot of the index page after we added the plugin-code: Thousands of people are now using the SimplePage™ Web page Creator because it is such a fast and easy platform on which to launch your website. And best of all it's free !

To complement the ease of use well have created a special supper easy pluging-code of just one line. You simply place this code on you SimplePage where you want it and your ExpressResponse auto responder optin will appear on your page.

Here is an example of your plug-in codes

Auto Responder for SimplePage

Using this one line plugin-code is very easy!
If you are familiar with the SimplePage editor then you will recogise the following image.

I have given the opt-in form a title: "Sign Up for Free Lessons".
That is formatted with font-size 20 and color blue.
Then I have added an extra couple of lines:
"Receive Turkish lessons by email every 3 days
direct from our Language Center"

And then that one line plugin-code.

You may notice I chose a width of 300px.
That's simply a case of changing the default
number from 200 to 300 in the code, so it reads [er300

Auto Responder for SimplePage

And here is the result on my webpage:

Auto Responder for SimplePage

As you can see I also placed the center tags around the whole
block of title, text and plugin-code.

Looks pretty cool :)
And I can go over to my ExpressResponse control panel and enter
the lessons as messages. I will also keep inviting them to book a couple of weeks
at the Language Center.

I can also add some links to Amazon books on learning Turkish or maybe even write
a PDF course myself and offer it direct to my list.

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