How To Add AutoResponder To WordPress Blogs

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Do I Need an Autoresponder for My Wordpress Blog?

There are hundreds of thousands of people actively using Wordpress Blog CMS for there website platform. Virtually everyone wants to have more visitors and to interact with these visitors. The best way to do this is to collect the names and email addresses of the people who want to contacted - and a list building tool with list management software is the way to do this.

Which Auto-responder is Best for Wordpress Blog.

There are several Wordpress "Plugins" for autoresponders.
These plugins are infact extensions to your Wordpress blog software that you are running on your web host. It is very different from just inserting a short "plugin code" from ExpressResponse which doesn't change your blog software at all.
There are several disadvantages to using plugins.
1) Updates - you often have to download new versions of the plugin so that it keeps up to date with Wordpress general updates. So if you have the plugin on lots of different sites, they ALL will need continuous updating. This gets to be quite an admin job.

ExpressResponse - is an independant platform so once you have inserted out plugin-code, you never need to download an "upgrade". All improvements are made to our own site and are immediately applicable to all clients so you never need to update.

2) Plugin Non-compatability. Unfortunately plugins often have serious compatability issues with each other which can make your wordpress blog function incorrectly or not al all.

Because ExpressResponse processing opt-ins with its own scripts, there are never any compatibilty problems. Your auto reponder software is kept seperate from your blogging software.

3) Limited Resources. Most Wordpress bloggers have their blogs hosted on shared hosting like Gator or Bluehost or GoDaddy. While these are probably fine for the blogging platform, you can run into problems when you try and start sending out automated emails.

Autoresponder plugins which are not standalone independent systems like ExpressResponse are scripts attached to your blogg software and will try and use the blogg host account to send out emails.

Although they advertise "unlimited bandwidth", the host providers are not expecting you to send a lot of emails out and if you start doing so, you will very soon run into problems.

With ExpressResponse, all processing is done on our own servers which are tuned specifically for sending out thousands of email messages every hour.

4) Plugin Support Problems. Wordpess plugins come and go. You never know when the one you have selecetd is going to stop being suported.

Wordpress Blog - Auto-responder Plugin-Code.

Setting up the Express Response Auto-responder Plugin-code in Wordpress is very easy. If you are familiar with your wordpress installation then you will know about the built-in Editor.

First you want to decide where you are going to place the optin form - often the SideBar is the best place. Take a look to see what is in the sidebar and decide exactly where to place your plug in code: under what or on top of what dp you want to place your auto responder optin form ?

In my example I have chosen to place the auto responder just undr the search box.

Then, to edit, just go to Appearance --> Editor. Next you want to click on the Template that you wish to edit e.g. the "Sidebar".

Find the code that is related to where you want to place the plugin code. In my case I was looking for the Search box.

Auto Responder for Wordpress

Simply copy and paste the plugin-code and change the heading to what you want. Job Done!

Once you have made the change you can view the new look to your blogg and test it out with your own name and email address.

Auto Responder for Wordpress

Why use an Autoresponder for My Wordpress Blog?

Here a are some important reasons:

Customer Contact

Every business has customers and you should be keeping in touch with them. A good auto-responder service will make this a lot easier. In addition it gives your business an air of professionalism. This list management tool will ensure that your clients will never again miss that special offer or that extra advice that they will appreciate from you. In fact the auto-responder as a customer realations tool is very valuable and using any auto responder service is a profitable business desicion.

Build Your Customer List

Ofcourse keeping in contact with existing customers is great, but there is more, you can use your auto responder to grow your business. By placing your an opt-in form on your website and offering a free newxsletter containing discount offers, you can add new clients to your business automatically every week.

Which Autoresponder Service?

You need a fast, easy to use and reliable service. is just that. Within less than a minute you can sign up and receive your "instant plugin-code", place it on your website and start building your list. The entry level is free and you can build your business with it until you feel ready to move over to the "Professional" version.

Adding your messages is easy, and fast. You can add a whole sequence of up to fifty messages on one form, making this the easiest and fastest autoresponder software on the planet !

Profit From Your List Building and Management Software Tool

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